The most common misunderstanding in the issue of love is that its cause is the beauty of a woman. I agree with the fact that it is really a powerful stimulus that makes a man seek a woman. It cannot be accepted, as the only one yet. In addition, many people believe that a high level of intelligence and beauty just cannot be united in one woman. Believe me I can prove you the opposite with great pleasure. Because of my character and way of life, I belong to the category of maximalist people. Therefore, I prefer only the best representatives of the stronger sex. I have something to offer a man who cares about being with in a worthy company. If you want me as your girl for an hour, you had better get ready for a pleasant surprise — I have many of them for you. I am a top model and I am fluent in several European languages. You can easily travel with me without worrying of those awkward moments that silly girls usually provoke. Escort in Cyprus with me is the ability to believe in a fairytale in which I can become an Enchantress for you.

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30min — 100 euro
1 hour — 150 euro

1 hour — 200 euro + taxi
2 hour  400 euro
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Age: 26
Nationality: Russian