Diana, Dina, Dinochka… My name sounds with the tenderness of silk, it promises a sweet captivity of love petting with a gentle murmur of a clean water stream. Despite the fact that I am blonde with prominent breast that embodies a purebred Slavic beauty, I do not feel at home here. I am attracted to travels, distant countries and other sunsets. I feel like a beautiful captive here, but when I look into the mirror, I understand that I could be born this way only here. My skin smells of lime blossom, voice reminds of rustling leaves in the forest, spring youth and beauty cannot help but compare me with first snowdrops. I am a girl for an hour who divides your life into two times: before you met me and after. Taking the clothes off you, I take all the ordinary, workaday, decent and tasteless off you. I do not just lay bare your body — I expose your passion too. I set the most daring fantasies off, yours and mine. With me, there is no need to lie. You are free to be who you are. I will give you real liberty that has a sweet flavor of fulfilled desires. My elegant body bursting with the beauty will become a canvas on which you will paint your secret desires. Escort in Cyprus is an opportunity for us to make a trip with the greedy roaring of primeval passions.

Call me    (+357) 96-11-93-11


30min — 100 euro
1 hour — 150 euro

1 hour — 200 euro + taxi
2 hour  400 euro
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Age: 27
Nationality: Russian