My passion is to get new and unrepeatable impressions from life that make feel and discover it in all its infinity. There is no greyness, drab and daily routine in my life. Having looked into the mirror I saw a charming woman instead of an ordinary silly cute girl and understood that I had become an adult, a tempting woman for men around me. My sexuality and natural spell let me arouse a real desire in every representative of sterner sex. Holding my hand, you will try on the abyss of insane lust. Yes, I am a girl for an hour, but this moment will be invaluable and unique for my man. It will be an extravaganza on the brink of madness and ecstasy of passion. I am professional in the provision of escort services that is why you will enjoy not only my phenomenal appearance, but my education, politeness and uncommon sense of humor too. You can apply to me when common girls and women are not enough. Escort in Cyprus with me is a unique cocktail of passion, true emotions, sincere laughter and ecstasy of each other.

Call me    (+357) 96-11-93-11


30min — 100 euro
1 hour — 150 euro

1 hour — 200 euro + taxi
2 hour  400 euro
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Age: 26
Nationality: Russian