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What happens to a man who by the will of fate finds himself in my arms? It is a perfect storm of passion, which laps everything on its way. It is the power of the primitive, almost animal passion, delight we can get from each other is available only for selected. You cannot comprehend it if you are under the under the yoke of everyday life. The rules of decorum for my young, brush and full of passion nature are like cage for freedom-loving bird. That is why I will not let fetter me with any limits and I will grant real freedom and release to my satellite. My sophisticated imagination is rich with forbidden fantasies that I translate into reality at once. I understood that I was born to attract and seduce the stronger sex when I was younger. Ever since, I elevated my natural inclinations and passions to the rank of art. Providing escort services has become a natural development of my life and creative path. I can combine work and pleasure only in this way. Men who have visited me once want me again because no one can escape my charming captivity. The main highlight lies in the fact that the role of a prisoner with me will not oppress you — on the contrary, you will greet it as a sweet flour. Escort in Cyprus with my participation is a wonderful intoxicating cup of wine, which you want to drain to the bottom.

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