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Looking back, I realized that I could not be anyone other than a girl to provide the escort services. I am a girl for an hour for the powerful. The most powerful, influential and wealthy men invite me to visit and spend with them spare time in an incredible manner. Since my school years, it has been known that I have some kind of unique vibes that draw men unto me. I am a balanced and harmoniously developed person who produces the impression of a pensive dreamer. It is entirely true because I give in to dreams about such things as a storm of emotions, passion and pleasure. I like feeling the men’s looks full of passion and lust. At this time, something diabolical wakes up in me, and scenes hardly imagined under the yoke of dull decency come to my mind. For me, it is not enough to dream. I am an active person and cannot find peace as long as my dreams are not realized. Escort in Cyprus for me is an excellent opportunity to set free my sensual imagination together with my man. Being in my company, no man can be disappointed because there is no forbidden fruit for me.

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