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I am losing my mind of romance. For me, the romance is not a promenade in the park or attempt to seduce while singing with a guitar. I believe that this kind of things is no more than the lot of dopey teenagers. For me, the romance is to feel the protection of a strong and wealthy man. For me, the romance is indescribable atmosphere of expensive restaurants, where you can fully enjoy stunning dishes, fine wines, but what is the most important, your companion. I can fully discover my own feminine nature only with a real man. After all, I am not only impressionable girl for an hour. I am a real woman who is able to captive a man in the cycling mad passion. I am able to call the adoration and worship. I will open new stunning facets of love art for you. I will help you to know every aspect of this beautiful feeling. Do not be confused with my outer calmness and tranquility. At the time when I need to act, I literally transform. In such periods, a greedy predator for the male body breaks out of me. Escort in Cyprus for us is a great opportunity to open up new horizons for our dreams.

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