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I am able to be so nice that you have a feeling as if there is a kitten in front of you. One look at me is enough to forget about everyday hustle and bustle. I am a master in the art of love and it allows me to send my man on a journey through the seas of passion towards sensual pleasures. I know how to make you give in to nostalgia for moments of our meeting in awe. My body is slim and flexible, with the proper elasticity of youth. They want to touch, own and love me. I am the girl for an hour who can be both innocent girl in your experienced hands and a fierce predator under the pressure of instincts. I have a true passion for travelling. Unknown countries and new discoveries beckon me. In a company of a wealthy true Gentleman, a journey to the other end of the world is not more than a fascinating walk for me. Next to the real man, I forget about all kinds of troubles and problems. I become who I am to be, a real woman. If you prefer escort to Cyprus with me as leisure, then I will give you all the passion and the boundlessness of my soul.

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